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UNI Veterans Association Education Advancement Program

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Big First Day!

August 27, 2014
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August 27, 2014

Day one is coming to a close and the support is beyond appreciated. Tomorrow is another big day in supporting our mission to make UNI a place for all veterans to call home. Let's keep the excitement high and keep moving forward! Thanks again for helping us continue our dream. 

Purple for Life,


New Week!

September 01, 2014


Everyone here at the UNIVA hopes you had a great three day rest and are ready to kick off another (short) week! We would also like to thank our new donors that have helped our cause earlier in the week, without you our mission would not be possible. 

We're getting ready for another strong week of advertising what we do here on campus so that every veteran can enjoy UNI. Please tell your family, friends, and co-workers about us! Every little bit counts. Thanks again for the support and have a great week! 



$1,000 Dollar Mark!!

September 11, 2014


Whoa! I turn my back for a second and we've already reached the one thousand dollar mark! The support we've received from the start of this program has just been too amazing for words. Your gift is really going to help the Veterans on our campus feel at home and ready to succeed now that they are back in a civilian role. 

In other news, the first few weeks of class have been going extremely well for everyone at the UNIVA. We talked to a lot of new faces at the Organization Fair last week, registered for the Homecoming Parade (keep your eyes peeled for us), set out flags in Remembrance of 9/11, and so much more. We hit the ground running this semester.

In the next day or so we'll be posting the blooper reel from our video! Stand by for a good laugh. Again, thank you so much in helping us continue our goal of making UNI a place for all Veterans. 



Jeremy Rosel

Co-Chair, UNIVA

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Military Fun Fact: The Chief Petty Officer is the beginning of senior enlisted leadership in the Navy and Coast Guard. Responsible for larger unit training, leadership, and some independent duty. Chief Petty Officers are an E7 in the US military pay grade scale.



Military Fun Fact: All branches of the military use this title but for different purposes. The Navy and Coast Guard are the only two branches where the term "Captain" is a higher rank verse the Army, Marines, and Air Force,



Military Fun Fact: The rank of Commander is strictly a Naval term. Commanders can be responsible for entire ships, shore based commands, and other highly important duties.



Military Fun Fact: The General is the highest rank an individual can hope to achieve in our Armed Forces and hold the highest of responsibilities. Their experience, military knowledge, and leadership are invaluable. The Navy and Coast Guard use the term "Admiral."