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The Tiny House Project

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The Tiny House Project

Tiny House, Big Impact

The Tiny House program was developed in the Department of Technology to provide an interactive educational opportunity for UNI students. While joining the national tiny house movement, UNI faculty designed a program to prepare UNI students for success in their future professions. 

Who: Built by Students

Every semester for the past few years UNI students have built a tiny house as a part of this program. Around 200 students each semester collaborate together to build one tiny house from the ground up. Students gain first-hand experience designing and building EVERY aspect of the tiny house. This course teaches students to solve unique problems in innovative ways, using their creativity, raw data, and concrete hands-on building skills. 

What: Discover More

Check out the video above to learn more about why students are passionate about this program and why you should give today! Also, follow the program on Facebook to stay connected!

When: 30-Day Campaign

Tiny houses have been built every semester since August 2016. To continue this program, we need you to support this crowdfunding campaign, which only runs for 30 days. Don't miss out on your opportunity to support the project by giving and sharing this with your Panther community!

Where: Given to a Cause

The best part about this program is that in the end these tiny houses always go toward a cause or non-profit that can truly put the houses to use for people in and organizations in need. The current and upcoming tiny homes will be sent to Badger Camp in Wisconsin, a summer camp for mentally disabled adults. The houses will serve as homes for the camp's head chef and head nurse. Not only do students learn technical skills, they develop an appreciation for philanthropy and helping others. 

Why: We Need Your Help

To continue this meaningful and impactful program, we are asking for your help. This program relies upon private donations to purchase building materials, furnishings, and tools to create these homes. Your contribution can ensure that students next fall are provided with this experience. 

How: Donations, Gifts in Kind and Sharing

You can add value to the lives of UNI students by choosing a giving level and making a donation. We welcome gifts in kind as well as monetary donations. Also, you can support this project by sharing it with your network! For more information about supplying gifts in kind, contact



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